Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Harvest Field is Ripe

I was in a downtown park hoping for an opportunity to share the gospel...and I got one.  I met a young couple, who I found out later had just been talking about the need to be reading the Bible together.

They, like a lot of others, were confused because of all of the religions out there.  Each one claiming to be the way, and some saying all the ways lead to heaven.  It is confusing.  But a few days earlier I had been going over Romans chapter 4 where Paul is talking about the issue of works versus faith.  And then Paul asks the question, "What does the Scripture say?" 

So we went through Scripture and saw how Jesus was the only way, that our sin had to be dealt with and Jesus dealt with it, and would save anyone who comes to Him.  This young couple made the decision to receive Jesus as their Savior and we prayed.  They are now part of the family of God, with a sure hope and a future.  It is a blessing to see how God works, and still saves.

Please pray for this couple.  That God would open up His Word to them as they read.  That they would find some great fellowship and grow with others who are in the family of God.  That God would give them wisdom to make good decisions with their lives now that they belong to the family of God.

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