Friday, March 15, 2013


My wife and I are currently in Ft. Stockton, Texas.  On the way back to the hotel tonight after dinner, we saw a hitch hiker crossing the bridge over Interstate 10.

I took my wife back to the hotel and then went searching for the man to talk to him.  I found him sitting on a bench outside of a gas and shop.  I asked if I could talk to him about his life.  He said yes.

I learned that his life had been very troubled.  A divorce.  Life on the streets that had started out as fun but grew very tiring.  He was at the end.  He was heading to a small town in New Mexico where he said he was just going to lay down and die.

After talking for awhile I found he had asked Jesus to be his Savior at age 17.  At age 18 he found the good life, stopped reading his Bible, and stopped going to church.  As far as he knew now, God was angry with him and had maybe walked away from him.

I talked to him for awhile and used Scripture to show him that God had never left him, and wasn't going to.  We prayed together and I gave him a list of who he is in Christ and what that means (I get this list from Neal T. Anderson's book, "The Bondage Breaker."

In the end, he had a change of mind.  That was good to hear.  Please pray for him that he will meditate on the things that are true of him because he belongs to Christ.  I told him I would post this and that people would pray for him.  Pray also that God would give him direction.  He's asking for your prayers.

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