Monday, October 25, 2010

Ephesians 2:17

Recently, my wife Stephanie and I were able to go to Colorado to visit family for the weekend. It was a great time to visit with some of our children and also our 10 grandchildren, three of whom are newborn triplet girls who are here as a result of a miracle of God.

While there, Stephanie had a chance to talk to a young family member about God. She, as a child, has been introduced to spiritism through television and friends. Stephanie had the opportunity to talk to her about the reality of spiritism, and the dangers of it. The young girl re-dedicated her life to Christ, but still doesn't fully understand the danger. Please pray for her that God would help her understand, and that He would also protect her, and strengthen her to stay away from this kind of thing.

I also met a couple of guys on the streets. The first one is named Todd.

Todd was born in Florida in the '40's. His father left his mother when he was only 6 months old.
His stepfather was extremely abusive. Todd's dreams when he was a child was to be either a marine biologist or a hockey player. He left home at 17.

He went through a failed marriage and has 1 son and 1 daughter.

Todd has been on the streets off and on for the past 10 years, and has a problem with alchohol.
He gave his life to Christ this last summer, but the baggage from his past is still there. It takes time to grow. He is also grieving over the loss of a girlfriend to suicide last summer.

Pray that God would help Todd to discover his new identity in Christ and deliver him from the bondage of alchohol and the bondage of the past.

I'm confident that the Lord has a bright future for this man.

The second man I met was Robbie.

Robbie is a Gulf War Veteran. He has an apartment, but is one step away from the streets. He is mad at God because he also lost a girlfriend to suicide recently.

He has never given his life to Christ. I explained to him the "Ticket to Heaven" at the bottom of the blog. He understood what he must do, but is not willing to do it at this time. He's mad at God.

Please pray for him that God would continue to extend grace and mercy to Robbie, and that Robbie would not wait too long to respond.

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